Treat Someone Special with these Luxury Gift Baskets

November 22, 2017

A Southern Bucket is excited to announce the release of our first gift baskets, featuring assorted luxury detergents and soaps by The Laundress. Perfect for gifting to new homeowners or newlyweds, our handcrafted gift baskets also double as stylish hampers you can display in your laundry room.

Our shop is passionate about natural, eco-friendly home products that are made in the USA. We use only unbleached cotton canvas for our luxury canvas laundry baskets, and we handcraft them locally here in North Carolina. 

We wanted to feature The Laundress home laundry care products because of their commitment to plant-based, non-toxic laundry detergents made in America.

Check out all of our stylish laundry gift baskets below!


1. Hand Wash Luxury Laundry Gift Basket

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2. Delicates Luxury Laundry Gift Basket

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3. Fresh N Clean Luxury Laundry Gift Basket

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