Transform your Storage Space with Fabric Baskets

November 14, 2017

Have you ever looked at your closet or mudroom and felt disappointed with the boring or mismatched organizers? Did you feel overwhelmed and unsure how to make your storage space attractive?

A Southern Bucket was founded by a girl and her mom who set out to solve this common household problem. We wanted to create charming & practical organizers that would accent our home decor and make our house feel more like home.

We designed our exclusive collection of handcrafted storage solutions to help you transform your storage space into a work of art you'll be proud of.

Check out these 3 features of our decorative organizers:


Feature #1: Stylish Storage

Each of our storage baskets features a charming design that sets it apart from common plain organizers. We choose elegant & classic typography so you'll be proud to display your storage bins anywhere in your home! Our storage solutions are handcrafted with care by local artisans in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Mail Canvas Storage Bin


Feature #2: Southern Storage

Drawing inspiration from our southern North Carolina heritage, we designed our decorative home organizers featuring natural textures such as burlap, canvas, and metal. The neutral colors and unbleached raw fabrics reminded us of simpler days and our connection with the outdoors.

Cookbooks Burlap Storage Bin


Feature #3: Personalized Storage

Our fabric storage baskets are designed with customization in mind. Add your name or custom text to our personalized bins, or place a custom order for the design of your choice. A set of custom storage bins are ideal organizers for your mudroom, closet, or child's playroom.

Closet Organizer Canvas Storage Bin

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