How to Use Your Vintage Metal Trough

July 12, 2017 1 Comment

Do you love the look of this vintage metal trough but you're not sure how to use it in your home?

Adding vintage style decor to your home is an easy way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Vintage pieces soften the look of modern furniture and bring unique and unexpected appeal to the living space.

Galvanized wash tubs are a particular favorite for vintage home decor because they can be repurposed for a variety of uses.

Check out these ideas about how to use your vintage metal trough for interior design!


1. Beverage Trough for Large Parties

Use your vintage galvanized trough as a beverage trough and serve tons of chilled drinks at your rustic wedding reception or outdoor party! Simply fill the trough with ice and water and arrange your wine bottles inside. Place your vintage wine trough on a tabletop, or use with our custom black metal stand. All of our wine troughs can be personalized with a hand painted design, such as your family name or established year. 

Personalized Vintage Beverage Trough with Stand

 Gather Vintage Beverage Trough


2. Vintage Farmhouse Sink

Another popular use for your vintage galvanized trough is to install it as a farmhouse style sink. Your galvanized sink will become a stunning focal point for the washroom or kitchen! Be sure and purchase a vintage trough without an existing drainage hole, so your plumber can install the proper size drain to connect with your pipes.

via Country Living / One Kings Lane

via Lavish Salon & Boutique


3. Table Centerpiece

A galvanized vintage trough can also be used to make a beautiful table centerpiece! Fill with greenery or seasonal decorations and create a stunning display for your rustic or farmhouse style dining room. 

via Kelly Elko: Left/ Right

via Kelly Elko


4. Rustic Garden Planter

Since vintage metal troughs are naturally aged and weathered looking, they are versatile for outdoor use as a rustic garden planter. Before planting your container garden, drill some holes in the bottom of the trough for water drainage. Then enjoy planting your favorite herbs or flowers in your vintage garden trough!

via No Ordinary Shop


5. Decorative Storage Container

Finally, you can use your vintage galvanized trough as a decorative storage container in your home. Create a stylish towels display in the guest room, or arrange your favorite books in the living room. Your vintage trough is a unique decorative piece, so let it stand out in the room and become the focal point! 

via Napa Style / Kelly Elko


What is your favorite way to use your vintage metal trough? Let us know in the comments below!

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