About Us

A Southern Bucket was founded in 2011 by a North Carolina girl and her mom. Inspired by a love for elegant farmhouse decor, we began creating charming southern accents to make our house feel more like home. The rustic textures of metal, canvas, and burlap reminded us of simpler days, so we had the idea to fashion them into stylish gifts and storage vessels. Perfect for entertaining and interior design, our southern buckets grew from a craft into a curated collection.

As a southern business run exclusively by women, we have a loyal dedication to detailed craftsmanship and local artisans. Our fabric baskets are handcrafted in North Carolina from start to finish, and each is highly customizable to match your living space. We can print your custom design or monogram on any of our neutral storage bins, and you will be delighted in how they complete your home decor style, whether rustic, industrial or modern.

We welcome you to explore our unique assortment of home accents. Whether you love elegant rustic or french vintage decor, we know you'll find one of our handcrafted gifts to fall in love with!