A Southern Bucket Storage Basket Size Guide

May 02, 2017

Our fabric storage baskets come in a variety of sizes, from a small countertop size to an x-large basket suitable for organizing your mudroom shelves. Here is our ultimate size guide, along with our recommendations for use.

1. Petite Storage Basket

Our petite storage basket is the perfect size to catch all your mail on your entryway table or shelf. These baskets are 7.5 inches tall (not including handles), 9.5 inches wide, and 7.5 inches deep. Keep one of our decorative petite baskets on your little girl's dresser to organize her hairbows. Or you can personalize 5-10 of our petite baskets and organize your closet shelves!

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2. Large Storage Basket

Our large storage basket is our most popular size. It's spacious enough to organize a variety of items, yet not too overwhelming for a closet shelf. Personalize one of our large bins for dog toys or your child's playroom. Or organize your laundry in our assortment of dry clean, delicates, hand wash etc. storage baskets. Each of our large storage bins is 10 inches tall (not including handles) and 12.5 inches wide and deep. 

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3. X-Large Storage Basket

Our X-Large basket is 10 inches tall (not including handles), 16 inches wide, and 12.5 inches deep. The extra width makes it easy to display stacked towels in your bathroom or guest room. We also have several personalized X-Large baskets, ideal for toy storage or large mudroom shelf organization. 

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All of our storage baskets are decorative and functional at the same time. Each storage bin is lined with sturdy heavy weight natural canvas, which allows them to hold their shape. Our fabric bins are handcrafted in North Carolina, and each bin is printed with a custom design during production. Your storage bin is custom made just for you, from start to finish!

We can make custom bin sizes upon request, the perfect size to fit in your mudroom shelves or cubbies. You can also request custom text or a custom logo on our baskets. Contact us for a quote today!

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