Vintage Zinc Metal Stand for Trough

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Vintage Zinc Metal Stand from Europe .  Our vintage zinc metal stand are sourced from Europe to fit our Vintage Metal Troughs.  Each may vary slightly in style and overall dimensions.

This listing is for "stand only".

Measurements for Black Metal Stand-  (Vintage Trough is NOT included in this listing)

Length approx 27"

Stand opens to a width of  16" wide when fully extended ( area at where the trough fits into the stand )

Bottom of stand ( feet area) is approx.  22 " deep at bottom 

Height 31" tall

* Stand folds together for storage when not in use. Please note that stand shape and measurements may vary slightly since they are a vintage product.

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Weight of stand is approx. 8 to 9 pounds

Please contact us with any questions regarding our stands or shipping information.